A Test Pilot's Wife


A Test Pilot's Wife

The walk with flying helmet under your arms
Is the site I always adore
Your inbuilt swagger with all your hidden charms
Is part of tales & folklore

My heart skips a beat each time you fly
With twin engines roaring alike
I know for you it is never to reason why
In line of duty with call sign "Mike"

It is never your honed skill which I ever doubt
It's the apathy which I always knew
It is the uncaring, selfish, faceless, ruthless lout
It's the shoddy maintenance crew
For whom do you live, for whom will you die
My tender weeping heart is torn asunder
A Babel of talk as always, a collective lie
A tragedy where buffoons continue to blunder

You like an emperor straddled the sky above
With limitless boundaries, no end in sight
A crash, a fall, our memories a treasure trove
All burnt, in the pyre burning bright

Who will answer for a precious life
Lost in a maze of finger pointing
I will carry the tragic loss as a wife
For a living which will prove daunting

Colonel PK Royal - Mehrishi ( Retd)

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